American Abstract Artists Journal: On Edge


American Abstract Artists’ fifth journal addresses how artists adapt abstraction’s edge to their own critical thinking and studio production. This AAA Journal is published in full color and includes interviews, poetry, exhibition reviews, performance and articles on science and music.

American Abstract Artists Journal, Number 5, 2006, 144 pages, color


AAA Journal 5


On Edge, by Marthe Keller, Editor, and Gail Gregg, Co-Editor.

The Normal Sublime (Chart), by Reverend Luke Murphy

Essays and Articles

Createdness and Wilderness, Chris Benincasa

Inner Space, by Sharon Brant

Letter to the Artist, by Phong Bui

Objects in Situ, by Niki Cesare

Looking for the Edge, by John Goodyear

Abstract: A Saving Force?, by James Gross

Drawing Back from the Edge, by John Haber

Abstraction as Activism, Julian Jackson

The Echo: Notes on Abstraction in the Age of Anxiety, by Ron Janowich

Edging On, by Cecily Kahn

Abstract Relations: Marking the Edges, by Richard Kalina

Anti-working Notes, by Marthe Keller

On Edge vs. On the Edge, by Gwenael Kerlidou

Conundrums by Kathy Lee, by Bodo Korsig

The Real Worry, by Rob List

Rhode Island, 2003, by Jane Logemann

Origins, by Vincent Longo

Walking the Edge, by Stuart Mackenzie

Rawsmoothrounded…, by Russell Maltz

The Miracles of Risk-taking, by Kantinka Mann

Aesthetics, Anxiety and Awe, by Chris Martin

Faith, Doubt and Abstraction, Katy Martin

no matter what, by Judith Murray

Geometric Abstraction: The Process of Signifying, by Robert C. Morgan

Use and Mis-use of the Edge, Maria Morganti

The Blunted Edge of Culture: Instructions for the Knife Sharpener, by Saul Ostrow

I Am Over the Edge, by Paolo Patelli

Real Abstraction: No Metaphors No Apologies, by Corey Postiglione

The Empire of Art, by Lucio Pozzi

Gripping Unreality, by Joan Webster Price

You Get What You See, You See What You Get, by Leo Rabkin

Baroque Minimalism by Corrine Robbins, by Sal Romano

On Edge, by Ce Roser

Dark Edges, by Edwin Ruda

Track Changes: On the Edge of Drawing and Writing, by Suzanne Silver

Inside Out, Destroying Boundaries, by Alex Stolyarov

Talking with Myself, by Peter Stroud

Waiting for Edgy, by Don Voisine

Beyond Narrative, by Joe Walentini

Gummy Abstract, (Illustration, Phillis Ideal), by Kathleen Whitney

Making Choices, by Jeanne Wilkinson

Outside My Window, by Nola Zirin

Studio Conversations

Karin Davie, by Marthe Keller

Ruth Root, by Marthe Keller

Merrill Wagner, by Marthe Keller

Susan Smith, by Marthe Keller


The Raw and the Cooked, Shirley Kaneda and Roland Flexner, by Devon Golden

Dan Walsh: The Endless End of Painting, by Joan Waltemath


Memories of Peter Pinchbeck, by Thornton Willis

Peter Pinchbeck: The Space Between, by Edwin Ruda

Clinton Hill, by Vincent Longo

A New Start Begain Quietly, by Clinton Hill

Ward Jackson: Biography, by Ken Johnson

Ward Jackson: A Personal Appreciation, by Julian Jackson

The Screen of the Mind, by Ward Jackson

Ibram Lassaw, by Robert Mattison

Clement Meadmore, by Daniel Thomas

Steven Parrino: Study for a Model of the Universe to be Placed in the Forbidden Zone, by Olivier Mosset

Beatrice Riese: In Appreciation

Esphyr Slobodkina, Personal Tributes by Ruth Eckstein and James Gross